Friday, August 26, 2011

The Creepy Taxidermy Creatures of Andrew Lancaster

Andrew Lancaster is a New Zealand taxidermist who has used the art of stuffing animals to innovative heights by producing impractical hybrids like three-headed chickens of winged possums.

Taxidermist is defined as the act of increasing or reproducing dead animals for put on show or for additional sources.

Lancaster has been producing his frightening creatures for about two years. 

But he began his working as taxidermy after he shifted to New Zealand, from England which is on the subject of 14 years ago. 

After considering plenty of dead animals on the roadside, he thought to himself “what a waste”. 

On that day he determined that they were high-quality matter for his fine art. 

Now a day at anytime he drives past roadkill, he backs up and puts in his chest. 

At house, he either places them in the freezer, “right under the ice cream and vegetables” or on top of the hot water cylinder, to dry.


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