Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Numberism – Using numbers to make unbelievable works of art

Numberism is a unique picture technique invented in 2008, by Portland-based artist Sienna Morris. She uses numbers and scientific formulas to draw gorgeous works of art.
27-year-old Sienna Morris has been a painter and designer for most of her life, but she really found her passion in 2008, when enthused by her obsession with time and the unanswerable question of how much we have left, she started drawing pieces using only the numbers of the clock (1 – 12). She tried to capture stunning moments of our lives and just how fleeting they are, reminding us all to appreciate the present, knowing we only have one shot to do so. Sienna’s early works were drawn in pencil, but as she started creating larger scale pieces, she moved on to brown micron pen (005), and later to scratchboard, where she etches the numbers using an exact blade and finishes with an ink or watercolor wash.
Numberism is much related to pointillism, only Morris uses numbers instead of dots. There are no lines or smudges in her artworks, just lots of numbers, sometimes drawn over other numbers to create the desired effect.


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