Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday mornings are so depressing

 If you are feeling down in the dumps before midday, take heart. You are not alone. Most of find the start of the week so demoralising that we can't even bear to crack a smile until 11.16am.Half of us will be late for work today after struggling to get up after the weekend, according to researchers.And as we struggle to shake off the Monday blues we will only manage three and a half hours of productive work.People between the age 45 to 54-year-olds are likely to suffer the most and will moan for around 12 minutes.According to experts the hatred of Monday mornings is governed by deep-rooted tribal instincts.Workers like to feel part of their tribe again after the weekend and need to chat to each other and spend time in communal areas, according to clinical psychologist Professor Alex Gardner. Professor Gardner said: "Work could be the best place for you on Monday because we are essentially cavemen in city suits.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guinness world record – A baby with 34 fingers

A boy named Akshat with age one has registered his name in the Guinness world records for having a total of 34 fingers and toes. He has been put up in Bareilly a district in Uttar Pradesh. The Guinness world record has been for having the highest number of fingers and toes and hails. It was very difficult fro Amrita Saxena, the child’s mother to believe that her son has broken the world record.

Previously a baby born in China has got 31 fingers. But Akshat has broken that record by having 34 fingers. It was very hard for Akshat mother’s to believe that her son has broken the record. In a while, along with her husband and her younger sister Akshat’s mother registered the data in the Internet. Then she was asked to submit definite papers after which his name was in the Guinness World Records.

Doctors said that it was a rare occurrence and identified it as polydactyly and this miracle was happened due to certain defects in the bone development of the uterus. The cause behind this imperfection can be either developmental congenital formation or chromosomal anomalies, which is due to maternal infection or drugs," said Dr. Parul Gupta, a gynaecologist. Then the doctor said that this congenital physical anomaly could be cured without difficulty by performing a surgery.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Three blasts reported in India’s Mumbai

Three bomb blasts rocked India’s largest city, Mumbai, in congested areas during the evening rush hour Wednesday, killing at least 21 people and injuring more than 100 others.

Prithviraj Chavan, Maharashtra state’s chief minister, said it was too early to talk about suspects but at least one of the apparently coordinated blasts was “quite powerful.” He warned the death toll could rise.
Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram called the explosions a “coordinated attack by terrorists” and appealed for calm as Mumbai residents voiced anger at the government because their city has been a repeated target for terror.

Forensic experts and security forces using sniffer dogs pored over the bloody scenes, looking for evidence. Dazed survivors were comforted and police hosed down burning debris in the streets.
Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik said at one scene, an improvised-explosive device was placed in an umbrella near a motorcycle.

The area in Dadar is near a train station used by millions of commuters. On July 11, 2006, a series of seven explosions killed at least 174 people on crowded Mumbai commuter trains and stations.

The U.N. Security Council condemned the terrorist attacks. The United States offered its “full support and assistance to India” and was monitoring the situation, the State Department said.
U.S. President Barack Obama, who visited Mumbai last year and signed a condolence book for the victims of the 2008 attack, condemned Wednesday’s attack.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to travel to New Delhi and Chennai next week, but her spokesman said there were no immediate plans to alter her travel plans. Clinton “will have an opportunity to re-affirm our commitment to the U.S.-India partnership when she travels there next week,” Mark Toner said.
As in past attacks, the blasts Wednesday targeted congested areas. Mumbai police blamed makeshift bombs and told CNN’s sister network CNN-IBN that one was left in a car; another in a motorcycle.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big birth statement: couple welcomes a 16-pound baby boy

This bundle of joy must bring an extra helping of happiness: couples in Texas are the proud parents of 16-pound, 1-ounce, 2-foot-long JaMichael Brown.
At 9:05 Friday morning, Janet Johnson and Michael Brown welcomed their son at Longview's Good Shepherd Medical Center. JaMichael, who was rapidly nicknamed "the Moose," is the largest child ever born in the hospital - and possibly the state.
The average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 1/2 pounds, which is why it's shocking - even in Texas -- which a woman has given birth to a 16-pound baby boy.
Two feet tall at birth, JaMichael Brown is the largest child ever born in the state of Texas.
"A lot of the stuff we bought him is too little," mother Janet Johnson told The Today Show.
The nurse who helps for deliver JaMichael said there are health implications for an infant this large.
The medical term for large infants is "macrosomia," accurately meaning "large of body." These babies frequently have high blood sugar at birth, and a greater chance of obesity or diabetes later in life, doctors say.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Balloon Artist create Life-Size Inflatable Dinosaurs

Mark Verge combines his balloon-twisting talent with a passion for collect fossils to generate life-size balloon models of dinosaurs. 43-year-old Mark Verge, from Ontario, Canada, first started working with balloons in 1995, after getting his hands on a book on creating balloon models. It was a lot trickier than he thought, as balloons would constantly pop when twisted, but after 16 years of practice he has reached a point where he can generate intricate sculptures using thousands of balloons. He has developed his own technique and uses a range of different-sized balloons to create his inflatable masterpieces.
The idea of making life-size models of dinosaurs was enthused by his passion for collecting fossils, so one day he just started twisting balloons to make a dinosaur skeleton. It was a success and now he has a collection of balloon dinosaurs, as well, including a spinosaurus made from 800 balloons, a stegosaurus and triceratops made from 700 balloons, and an utahraptor made from 200 balloons. But his most inspiring work yet is a 39-foot model of a T-Rex, made from 1,400 balloons. It took Verge 55 hours to finish, as he had to make each vertebra individually and put them together at the end, to make sure his T-Rex looked just right. You might think there’s a metal frame in there somewhere, but it’s all in the balloons. It took lots of effort, but this inflatable masterpiece won Mark Verge the first place in the world balloon-sculpting competition.