Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Diamond Encrusted, Gold Plated Contact Lenses

Indian Optometrist had created a unique Gold Plated, Diamond Coated Contact Lenses. Chandrashekhar Chawan optometrist at India’s Shekhar Eye Research Center has been stimulated by the ornaments in his wife’s teeth has created gold plated, diamond coated contact lenses.He has created this unique lens in order to bring a special twinkle in the eyes.
If anyone is looking for the most excessive trend in eyewear, then without any delay go for the contact lenses of Chandrashekhar Chawan.The thought of making this gold plated, Diamond coated contact lens has been drawn from his wife. His wife had diamonds planted on her teeth recently and that made the optometrist to realize the love for jewelry by the people. So he determined to create a sequence of diamond encrusted, gold plated contact lenses. 

He uses Boston Scleral lenses to clutch the jewelry in such a way that it should not touch the cornea, thus making the fashion ornament “very safely”. His invention of this Gold Plated, Diamond encrusted contact lens has got a mixed response from the public. This unique contact lens made some people to scare. But most of the people loved it, and the optometrist thinks that this will be the next big thing in Bollywood.

He acknowledges that his jewel-studded lenses are a fashion accessory and not a necessity. But he thinks that it is a must for people who want to attract attention. He also added to that “We always talk eye to eye and if your eyes are dazzling with diamonds, no one can look away; their eyes will be glued to you and your individuality.”


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