Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guinness world record – A baby with 34 fingers

A boy named Akshat with age one has registered his name in the Guinness world records for having a total of 34 fingers and toes. He has been put up in Bareilly a district in Uttar Pradesh. The Guinness world record has been for having the highest number of fingers and toes and hails. It was very difficult fro Amrita Saxena, the child’s mother to believe that her son has broken the world record.

Previously a baby born in China has got 31 fingers. But Akshat has broken that record by having 34 fingers. It was very hard for Akshat mother’s to believe that her son has broken the record. In a while, along with her husband and her younger sister Akshat’s mother registered the data in the Internet. Then she was asked to submit definite papers after which his name was in the Guinness World Records.

Doctors said that it was a rare occurrence and identified it as polydactyly and this miracle was happened due to certain defects in the bone development of the uterus. The cause behind this imperfection can be either developmental congenital formation or chromosomal anomalies, which is due to maternal infection or drugs," said Dr. Parul Gupta, a gynaecologist. Then the doctor said that this congenital physical anomaly could be cured without difficulty by performing a surgery.


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