Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big birth statement: couple welcomes a 16-pound baby boy

This bundle of joy must bring an extra helping of happiness: couples in Texas are the proud parents of 16-pound, 1-ounce, 2-foot-long JaMichael Brown.
At 9:05 Friday morning, Janet Johnson and Michael Brown welcomed their son at Longview's Good Shepherd Medical Center. JaMichael, who was rapidly nicknamed "the Moose," is the largest child ever born in the hospital - and possibly the state.
The average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 1/2 pounds, which is why it's shocking - even in Texas -- which a woman has given birth to a 16-pound baby boy.
Two feet tall at birth, JaMichael Brown is the largest child ever born in the state of Texas.
"A lot of the stuff we bought him is too little," mother Janet Johnson told The Today Show.
The nurse who helps for deliver JaMichael said there are health implications for an infant this large.
The medical term for large infants is "macrosomia," accurately meaning "large of body." These babies frequently have high blood sugar at birth, and a greater chance of obesity or diabetes later in life, doctors say.


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