Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earthquake and tsunami information bulletin n° 4 in Japan

The Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) has assembled its staff and resources nation-wide and domestic donations are being received to help affected communities.
As of 20 March 2011, the number of confirmed deaths was 8,133, with 2,612 injured, 12,272 missing and 362,887 displaced and/or abandon. In addition, 14,413 houses were totally damaged and another 98,466 houses were spoiled as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. Bad weather in the last few days is disrupting emergency relief efforts and evacuees are continuing cold weather. Priority requirements are fuel, temporary shelters, food, sanitation materials, clothing, medicines and household appliances.
Ten days into the tragedy, Japanese Red Cross continues to provide emergency relief, medical services and psychosocial support to exaggerated communities. As of 21 March, a total of 249 medical missions involving more than 735 persons were organized to the affected prefectures, with over 125,000 blankets and 20,700 emergency relief packs distributed at time of reporting.


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