Friday, September 17, 2010

The world’s best female boxer

Winning a fifth World Championship title is unthinkable for most boxers, but M.C. Mary Kom, who achieved this feat on 18 September in Barbados, has have no time to think about it.
She was back in the practice ring the day after her final fight at the Women’s Boxing World Championship, preparation for a second round of Asian Games trials in Delhi on 22 September because the Indian Boxing Federation felt the first round was “inconclusive”. She landed in Delhi on the night of 20 September, and spends most of the next day fielding questions at press conferences.
“These last few days have been harder than winning the World Championship,” Kom says, “which I felt was actually easy for me throughout. I was not worried at all, and even in the final, I knew I was going to win.”
Kom, 27, has now win medals at each of the six Women’s World Boxing Championships, five of them gold. Both feats are unmatched in her sport, and have prompted the International Boxing Federation to describe her as the “world’s best female boxer”.


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